togetherIn life no matter what we can try to do, we would never be equal. There will always be those rich and those poor. However, diversity of people and their unique lives all experienced in one piece of land in which they continuously live together and identify themselves as a community makes them to unconsciously care for one another.

Community charity services are developed by communities that identify the problem of poverty and unemployment which has resulted in other individuals in the community being homeless, they decide to do something to resolve that problem. Therefore, they provide services for the sake of charity.

The community charity services such as collecting clothes, food, doing fund raising activities and searching for sponsors and funds donors in order to help make lives of those less privileged better. Community charity services survive because of voluntary manpower. Everyone that offers their help do it from the goodness of their heart without expecting to be paid or offered any form of payment.

The benefit of an individual being involved in community charity services is based on the fact that helping others keeps an individual motivated, you can be able to obtains new skills and interact with people that will eventually have a good influence into your character as an individual. Giving in your time, energy and spirit to make someone’s live better makes you grow stronger towards improving your own life.

Charity begins at home. Community charity services offer their services free of charge to their community. In order for a community charity services to be recognised and supported by sponsors and get funds from major companies they needs to make their charity services official, legitimate and transparent before the public.

Charity services must have clear defined mission and vision, create clear programs which are understandable to every individual. Communities must value one another and implement a way that they can be there for each other, reduce poverty, unemployment and show humanity.